(1) Bowron Lake Lodge works with all customers to ensure a positive experience and understands that changes can occur in travel plans; we try to be flexible on our refund policies, attempting to work with all visitors to ensure a positive experience.

(2) Certain conditions that are generally excluded from refund are:

  • Weather Conditions:  We are located off grid and subject to weather conditions that can change rapidly, these changes do not stop the location from be enjoyable.  Bowron Lake can go from snow to rain to sun to wind in a 24 hour period, please come prepared.

  • Leaving early:  Changing the duration of your stay due to work schedules or child care issues

  • General illness or pre existing condition: Allergies or pre existing medical conditions are out of our control and we cannot be expected to refund for this.

  • Wildlife:  Our location can allow you to experience interactions with all types of wildlife (insects, porcupine, birds, and large mammals). Although negative interactions are rare, the possibility of seeing wildlife does not preclude you from staying, however if  there is a safety issue relating to a large animal (bear, cougar, or moose) we will work with the customer to credit their stay.

(3) Conditions that we are happy to work with you to credit or refund your stay are:

  • Unexpected death in the immediate family

  • Unforeseen serious medical issue(s)

  • Serious motor vehicle accident while travelling to Bowron Lake

  • Conditions that prevent access to/or make staying at Bowron Lake unsafe; this correlates to wildfires and road closures that can occur.

(4) Cancellation or changes in bookings require a minimum of eight calendar days prior to arrival date for refund excluding long weekends..  (E.g. For a Friday night stay you would need to contact/cancel on the Thursday prior)

(5) Long weekend(s):  These are high volume events and  short notice cancellations can prevent other customers from enjoying the location. The policy to cancel and receive a refund is 30 days prior to arrival date.